Tofino i20S

Enjoy the ambience of interior lighting and a unique split-flow burner system that allows for maximum control of flame height and heat output.

Tofino i30M

A great choice for mid-sized spaces, the i30M is all about ease of use and heating performance.

Tofino i30S

The i30S features a heat boosting fan and split-flow burner system to give you full control heat and flame modulation.

Tofino i40M

Warm every corner of the room with a generous view of the flame and excellent heating performance – the i40M makes a great choice when you need to heat a larger space.

Tofino i40S

With its clean lines and an expansive viewing area, the i40S provides advanced flame modulation for maximum heat and energy efficiency.

Ultimate U31


Heating Capacity: Large

Material: Steel

Heat medium sized living areas in a wide range of styles with this fireplace insert.

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