Stûv 16-68 cube


Stûv 16 showcase the spectacle of flames through their refined design. These types of modern wood stoves have a large opening that abundantly distributes heat.

The combustion techniques of the Stûv 16 allow to optimize their efficiency while eliminating their environmental impact. Equipped with SBR (single burn rate) automatic control, these models are easy to use: no air damper to manipulate all you need to do is light the logs and enjoy the spectacular fire.

Handles or convection grills are not visible on the Stûv 16s. A removable key serves as a tool to open the hinged door. The heat is released into the room via an opening located between the combustion chamber and the envelope of the wood stove. Behind these characteristics, ingenious mechanisms to ensure the proper operation of the device.

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Details & Specifications


  • High heating power
  • Precise assembly
  • Generates little ash
  • Easy to use
  • Can be connected to outside air
  • Suitable for all types of interiors
  • Priority of the view of the fire
  • Environmental performance
  • No more firewood recutting

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